If you are like the average marketer then you like to do a little research before you decided whether to spend your hard earned money on a new work from home opportunity. As I was searching the Internet I came across a site called 10k Online services and decided to check it out. My initial assessment was that this was just like any other MLM or “force matrix” program but after spending lengthy time looking into the company as well as having lengthy conversations with the owners and members I must say that I came away quite impressed.

First of all most of these force matrix companies are pretty much all the same at the core. There is usually web hosting involved as well as e-books or some other product that they provide to their customer as well as resell rights. The price range varies for each company with the more popular ones being anywhere from 10$-25$. So as you can see there isn’t many differences from each company. What sets the best ones apart are the little things that they do and that is why I think 10k Online Services is one of the better ones. Firstly their monthly cost is 10.75 for each position that you want to have with the company. You are allowed as many as you want. Of the many benefits that 10k Online Services has, the best thing that I really like is a 24/7 skype room they have set up for members and non members to access and get immediate answers to questions the may have.  Being able to have direct access to the owners is invaluable in my opinion.

The overall community was pretty helpful also. I noticed that everyone was willing to help the next person no matter who they were. The level of competition was almost non-existent between everyone. There is also an abundant amount of training that is offered to its members. Occasionally members are given access to some of the best marketing programs available. Acquiring a membership to these programs can cost a person hundreds of dollars if they were to do it on their own but 10k Online Services gives it to members for free.They offer many more perks for their members I have just touched based with the few of the many benefits that 10K Online Services offer. Like I said earlier most of these companies are pretty much the same but it’s he little things that separate them and this company really does the little things well!

As an online entrepreneur, you need to make sure that you charge your customers appropriately. But how would you know if you are charging too little for your online services?

The first thing that you need to do is analyze your tag prices. If you charge too much, your customers will surely leave and do business with your competitors instead. However, if you charge too little, your profits will more likely to decrease and you’ll lose the point of running your ebusiness. So, the best way to do is to charge somewhere between too little and too much. Of course you do not want to short-change yourself and you also don’t want to overcharge your customers. Establish the ideal price for your online services. As per the industry norm, you can charge a percentage mark up of the production cost or you can set your tag prices based on the ongoing rate or the amount being charged by your competitors for similar products. However, if your chosen niche is very saturated (meaning, the supply is more than the demand), you will need to lower down your prices a bit so you can generate decent sales (but you still need to make sure that you’ll earn profits). On the other hand, you can charge more if you are serving people who care more about quality than tag prices.

It would help if you can talk to other marketers who are selling the same products. You may ask them how much they charge for their offerings and how much do they make. This is a very good starting point to make comparisons on how much you earn from your online services. If you feel that there is a huge gap (you are earning much less compare to other marketers), then it’s high time that you assess your pricing structure and consider charging a bit more. Don’t be afraid to raise your prices and don’t think that this will shoo away your customers. Remember, you must make sure that you’ll get the profit you deserve otherwise, you’ll never make it in the online arena.

From time to time, compare your actual earnings from your projected monthly income. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you are generating the profits that you deserve and that you don’t charge too little for your online services.

Look, if you have a computer at home with broadband connection, you can bring the whole world very close to you. From home, you can place the order for your favorite products at the reasonable price rates. Online shopping is a point of attraction to teens and oldies. If you are modern, you must opt for the online transaction which is far better than conventional shopping. The best part of choosing the online transaction is less time consuming and flexible in purchasing or selling the products at the justified price rates.

This is the most powerful and convenient tool for communication with the rest of the world. From any corner of the globe, you can send or receive messages through online service. However, there are also some risk factors which must be highlighted and the government should frame the new regulation to make it much more user friendly and authentic source of information. First of this online search engine can give you any sort of information and data. Now it is also seen that there is higher possibility of misuse of the internet. Some wicked persons can display pornographic films and video clips through the online sites. The new law should be enacted to check such nonsensical activities.

On the other hand, with the times proceedings, the online marketing and trading have become very popular. Online sellers and dealers get much scope and advantage to display ads in the sites for attracting the customers. There are many shopping centers online like eBay which provide the genuine products at the cost effective price rates. However, there are many disadvantages or demerits of online trading. First of all there is no scope for face to face to transaction and you will have to rely on the product reviews and details with the printed images. Do you have any chance to touch the products through online service? No, it can’t be done.

You will have to wait until the products reach home. Fake dealers can cheat you if you don’t take proper measures. In addition, those who are not computer savvy can find it more difficult to understand the whole online transaction process. The computer hacking is another issue of concern. Your banking details can be leaked at the time of filling up the online form to get the products. Th0erefore, higher authority and the general people must be careful about the online service. If you like to start trading online or if you prefer online shopping, you must be competent enough to understand the internet very well. You should log at the recognized sites for serving the purpose.